Sole traders & partnerships

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Working on your own as a sole trader can be tough. Every year, alongside the running, management, and general upkeep of your business, you also have to prepare your set of accounts to include on your self-assessment tax return. This can be draining, stressful and ultimately leave you feeling like you don’t have time for your business. We can assist and advise on each part of the process, giving you insight and assistance where you need it most. We’ll guide you through the preparation of the accounts, looking into the details to find where we can make things work better for you.

Similarly, if you’ve entered into business as a partnership, we can give you back the time you need to focus on you and your partner’s business, whilst we focus on the accounts. There is a difference between a usual return and a partnership self-assessment tax return, so we make sure that nothing is missed and you are in the best position possible. We don’t want you to feel like you’re not in control. We’ll keep you updated, informed, and in the loop at all times – so then nothing comes as a surprise.


Key Services

  • Bookkeeping and accounts management.
  • Business advise and planning.
  • Tax, VAT understanding.

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“SD Knee’s experience means that over the years they’ve been able to prepare us for the next phase of growth while helping us avoid some common pitfalls.


They deliver a fantastic service, uniquely tailored for our business, we couldn’t be happier”

Daniel Steinhardt,

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