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Always believing in what we do

The modern world of business demands reliable, effective, support to help manage its personal and business finances.

Meeting your requirements as a client is what we strive for. At SD Knee, we’ve been looking after clients for nearly 30 years now, putting their success at the centre of everything we do. It can be hard finding an accountant that represents you and your business in an honest and open way, so we pride ourselves on our transparent and clear communication.We’ve had clients all across the country, with regular clients in Swindon, Cirencester, and Wiltshire giving us a community of people who rely on us for a variety of accounting services. You’re not just getting someone who deals with your bookkeeping or payroll; you’re getting an accountant that understands you and your business.

A friendly, talented team

We love our people. They make coming to work a real joy, not just because they’re nice to be around, but because they inspire us.

What you can expect from us

We aren’t going to beat about the bush, if we need to be honest, we always will be. You want an accountant you can respect, work with efficiently, and have a chat with if you’re ever feeling stuck? That’s us. We care deeply about your success, and will never short-change you, your business, or your values.

Expert and honest advice

You don’t want bad advice. We know what we’re talking about, and we always give it to you straight.

Always rapid response

Quick comms is key. Keeping you constantly updated and in the loop is the least we can do.

A people-focused team

We’re warm, kind, and hopeful in all we do. Our team will look after you like you’re one of their own.

Zero-stress accounting

Once your accounts are under control, you will realise how destressed it feels to have it all in order.

“SD Knee’s experience means that over the years they’ve been able to prepare us for the next phase of growth while helping us avoid some common pitfalls.


They deliver a fantastic service, uniquely tailored for our business, we couldn’t be happier”

Daniel Steinhardt,

Cloud accounting expertise

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