Expired deadlines

06 Apr 2016

  • Rent-a-room

    Rent-a-room relief increases from £4,250 to £7,500.

  • Lifetime allowance

    Reduces from £1.25 million to £1 million.

  • Annuities

    Those who currently receive income from an annuity will have the right to assign the annuity in consideration for a lump sum or alternative retirement product.

  • Gift Aid small donations scheme (GASDS)

    GASDS increases to £8,000.

  • P11Ds

    £8,500 benefit threshold is removed.

  • Farm profits

    Averaging of farm profits to be extended for income tax purposes from 2 to 5 years.

  • New personal savings allowance

    New allowance to remove tax on up to £1,000 of savings income for basic rate taxpayers and up to £500 for higher rate taxpayers.

  • Personal allowance

    Personal allowance increases from £10,600 to £11,000.

  • Dividend taxation

    Dividend tax credit abolished and replaced with a £5,000 dividend tax allowance.

  • Start of new tax year

    Start of new tax year

01 Apr 2016

  • Orchestra relief

    Orchestra relief commences at a rate of 25% on qualifying expenditure.

  • Stamp duty on additional homes

    New rates of stamp duty that are 3% higher than the current bands will be introduced on purchases of additional properties such as buy-to-lets and second homes. Similar changes have been announced to land and buildings transaction tax in Scotland.

  • Orchestras

    Tax relief for orchestras is 25% on qualifying expenditure.

  • Higher rate threshold

    Higher rate threshold increases from £42,285 to £43,000.

  • Auto-enrolment staging dates

    Auto-enrolment staging date for employers with fewer than 30 employees with the last 2 characters in their PAYE reference numbers 12-16, 3A-3Z, H1-H9 or HA-HZ

31 Mar 2016

  • CT61

    End of CT61 quarterly period.

  • Corporation tax return

    Filing deadline for corporation tax return self-assessment form CT600 for period ended 31 March 2015 to be submitted to HMRC.

  • Company accounts filing deadline

    Deadline for filing your company tax return is 12 months after your accounting period for Corporation Tax ends

  • Corporation tax

    End of corporation tax financial year.

22 Mar 2016

  • Electronic monthly PAYE/NIC/student loan payment

    If paying electronically, pay PAYE, NICs, student loan deductions and deductions from payments to subcontractors for the month up to the 5th of this month.